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The images presented on this website are representative of the extraordinary beauty and geologic diversity contained on our planet.

At TERMS we work daily to preserve, protect and repair our most precious global resource - the earth itself.

All images courtesy of USGS National Center for EROS and NASA Landsat Project Science Office. Click on image to enlarge.

Alluvial Fan, China Araca River, Brazil Ocean Sand, Bahamas Bogda Mountains, China Campeche, Mexico Lake Carnegie, Australia Colima Volcano, Mexico Desolation Canyon, Utah USA Lake Disappointment, Australia The Everglades, Florida USA West Fjords, Iceland Ganges River, India Earth, Eastern Hemisphere Earth, Western Hemisphere Eurasia at night Great Salt Desert, Iran Himalayan Mountains, China Lambert Glacier, Antartica Brahmaputra River, Tibet Jau Park, Brazil Jordan wadis Dasht-e Kevir, Iran Mt. Kilimanjaro, Kenya Lena Delta, Siberia Malaspina Glacier, Alaska USA Mississippi River Delta, Louisiana USA Namib Desert, Namibia Delta Region, Netherlands New York, NY USA Niger River, Mali Parana River Delta, Argentina Global Tectonic Plates Richat Structure, Mauritania Sahara Desert, Africa Sudd Swamp, Sudan Syrian Desert, Syria Terkezi Oasis, Chad Vatanajokull Glacier, Iceland Volga River Delta, Russia Von Karman Vortices, Alaska USA Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, CAN