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TERMS has accumulated significant expertise in assisting various parties with a thorough environmental evaluation of a targeted property. Whether these parties are the buyers or sellers of commercial property or other parties seeking to gain more insight into the environmental condition of a property, TERMS is highly qualified to assist.

We provide these services for the benefit of lending institutions and the legal community and their clients as well as developers and other interested parties.
Our range of service in this area includes:
  • Phase I Environmental Assessments to determine potential impacts on a subject property.
  • Phase II Investigations to determine the type of environmental impact, the extent of the problem and any potential liability related to the contamination.
  • Preliminary Assessments designed to satisfy the NJDEP regulation to identify the existence of potential concerns at designated locations.
  • Site Investigations as required due to the findings of a Preliminary Assessment in order to determine if contamination is present in specific areas of environmental concern as defined by state regulations.
  • Brownfield Assessments for development of a remediation strategy, associated costs, and transfer or redevelopment of sites.