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At TERMS we have a senior staff that has extensive expertise in all forms of environmental consulting and remediation. For each assignment, we view our clients, associates, employees and communities as members of a strategic team, with each member integral to the success of the project.

By developing teams and partnerships within organizations and across organizational bounds, we bring together the best elements needed to successfully accomplish specific tasks. We are experts at harnessing the appropriate resources with expertise tailored to specific situations and at managing these resources to achieve desired results.

At TERMS, we approach each engagement by assembling the information, equipment and personnel required to complete the project successfully, on time and on-budget.

Site and Remedial Investigations:

TERMS and our associates have completed thousands of site and remedial investigations that were designed to meet the appropriate regulatory and/or industry requirements. Site Investigations typically involve the identification of present contaminents as well as where their impact has been felt. Remedial Investigations are typically used to determine the full extent of the identified contamination.

Site Remediation:

After thorough site and remedial investigations, our team will draft a Remedial Action Work Plan and Disposal which meets the relevant regulatory requirements for complete resolution. Whether the solution involves soil removal or insitu treatment, TERMS has the sytems and experience to effectively address your needs.

Contaminated Soil Removal:

TERMS specializes in the management/remediation, transportation and disposal of contaminated soil. Our group offers very experienced Project Managers, Site Supervisors, Equipment Operators, and Environmental Technicians who properly and precisely excavate soil and sludge contaminated with the full range of contaminants. We ensure that the extent of contamination is precisely identified and that only the contaminated material is excavated for transportation and disposal. Measures are taken to segregate contaminated material from non-contaminated material, to prevent cross contamination, and to control and protect excavated material. Care is taken to prevent or properly control and handle contact water.

Advisory Services:

To facilitate the growing demand for expert services, we have expanded the utilization of our expertise by providing opinions on the environmental state of our client’s holdings or the potential environmental impact on their interests. Many situations arise that require our clients to have a thorough and in-depth understanding of the environmental condition of their holdings. Divorce, partnership dissolution and formation, mergers and divestitures are just a few examples of specific circumstances where our services may be justified. We can assist with any issue or conflict related to insurance claims, litigation or any type of dispute regarding remediation issues or technical performance.

Project Management:

A key component of TERMS services involves our hands-on approach to the management and oversight of environmental projects. These may range from a residential matter to complex multi-million dollar investigations and cleanups. From collection and interpretation of raw technical data necessary to implement a project, to daily oversight, our Project Managers have the skills and experience to ensure both compliance and complete customer satisfaction.

Land Use Consultation:

In light of an environmental event, providing advice on the suitability for a particular land use is critical to protection of the client’s interests, both from a financial and regulatory viewpoint. TERMS has a long history of advising the financial and legal communities, as well as individual clients, on the feasibility of a project prior to business exposure.

Child Care Center Compliance:

Since 2006, NJ has imposed specific requirements on operators of child care centers to ensure the facility is free from any environmental hazards that might impact the health of children or their caretakers. With over 300 centers tested and evaluated for compliance, TERMS is New Jersey’s leading child care environmental compliance firm. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to client needs and help them navigate these new requirements in an efficient and cost-effective manner. TERMS works closely with appropriate state agencies to ensure compliance with these new regulations.

Indoor Environmental Health Assessment:

Standing water / sewage and wet materials are a breeding ground for microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria, and mold. They can cause disease, trigger allergic reactions and continue to damage materials long after the flood. The TERMS Mold Mitigation and Remediation Program handle the most challenging residential or commercial project. For areas flooded or damaged by water, we can provide the following services: Removal of the water / excess moisture, perform laboratory pre- and post-testing of air and affected surfaces, clean the affected areas to remove excess organic materials, disinfect the affected areas to stop the growth of mold, mildew and other harmful organisms, and when applicable, apply protective coating to affected surfaces. A 30-year warranty is available. Download a Brochure